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Samantha's healing journey began at the age of 19 following a near-death experience. Since then she has trained and worked in the following modalities:

- as a Certified Crystal Healer (along with being an intentional jewelry designer).
- as a Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master

- as a Holy Fire® lll Karuna Master
- as a Celtic Reiki practitioner

- as an Akashic Record Reader

- as a practitioner using The Healing Angels of the Energy Field program 

- as a practitioner of A Masterclass for Healers with Gabor Mate, including Healing Trauma & Addiction and Brain Development & Addiction

- with Soul Counselling

- with Curanderismo

- with Traditional Healing of the Body

- with Clinical Aromatherapy

- Raw food catering


She has learned much through her experience of working with clients for the last 10 years,  with other healers, as well as journeying with plant medicines, connecting with spirit guides, travelling in various dimensions, and through her many initiatic life experiences.

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