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Samantha's healing journey began at the age of 19 following a near-death experience. Since then she has trained and worked in the following modalities:

Trainings and Certifications include:

  • Certified Crystal Healer, CCH

  • Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master

  • Holy Fire® lll Karuna Master

  • Celtic Reiki practitioner

  • Akashic Record Reader

  • Healing Angels of the Energy Field program 

  • A Masterclass for Healers with Gabor Mate

      -Healing Trauma & Addiction

      -Brain Development & Addiction

      -Impact of Stress & Trauma - Developing Child

      -Exploring the Mind-Body Connection

      -The Power of Connection

      -Brain Science, Physiology, & Attachment

  • Soul Counselling

  • Curanderismo from the University of New Mexico

     - Traditional Healing of the Body

     - Traditional Healing Using Plants

     - Traditional Healing of the Mind, Energy & Spirit

     - Global & Cultural Influences of Traditional Healing 

  • Clinical Aromatherapy with the Aromatherapy Institute of Ontario

  • Studying Acupressure 


She has learned much through her experience of working with clients one on one over the last 10 years,  with other healers, as well as journeying with plant medicines, connecting with spirit guides, travelling in various dimensions, and through her many initiatic life experiences.






Patrick has sought mainly to solve his own suffering throughout his life, which really began at the age of 12 or so when he suffered from suicidal depression and then bipolar disorder. He considers his life as an example for both suffering and alchemizing conditioning and trauma, from this lifetime and previous ones. His approach is in becoming aware of one's inner conditioning, in whatever shape that may show up as, and alchemizing it in order to increasingly provide inner space for light to manifest. His mission has been to master his darkness by travelling the whole gamut of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (or the tree of life). He believes that to fully know yourself is to know your darkness, like Socrates taught, so that your light is a given... or more to the point... a full-fledged gift. Essentially, healing is a process of subtraction, of processing


Starting out of the gate of heaven, suffering began "imperviously" and lasted non-stop until his early thirties (2012), when he decided he wanted to love more deeply, and not suffer blindly anymore from his deep-seated illusions. At this point, he was teaching in public school, taking various pills, and suffering from a plethora of disorders. In the summer of 2017, after quitting his public school teaching job, after burning out the previous year and heeding a spark in Peru from just one ayahuasca session, he embarked on a quest to become a healer by moving to Montreal.


In the process, he didn't become a healer per say, but learned how to heal himself, and picked up a toolbox for healing his body and his mind, his heart and his soul. Much of it has come from Spirit, but he's also practiced several systems, notably IFS (Richard Schwartz) and the Psychology of Vision (Charles Spezzano), among others. Following a dozen or so soul retrievals, he can easily say that not only is healing a spiritual affair, but, for old souls like him, something like a soul retrieval is a deep necessity in order to flourish in this matrix, what many call a slave planet, a prison planet, or a teaching planet. All in all, it's taken many initiatic struggles since 2012 to discover that it all comes down to alchemizing the soul. This included taking a year to heal all of his karma with weekly "hero-dose" psilocybin sessions (grueling to say the least, but most rewarding). It's now Spring 2023 (at the time of this writing), and glad to be called by Spirit to now share and be of service. 


Some souls eventually discover that we are not here on a holiday or to become well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society (Jiddu Krishnamurti). One knows that the gig is to heal all suffering, and alchemize it into gold. So, as the illustrious Jesus puts it, in what many dub as the most deceitfully plagiarized masterpiece of all time, in Luke 17:6,8, "Be uprooted and planted in the sea... afterwards, you may eat and drink." When one returns to the world, one may encounter this kind of blessèd banquet, physically and spiritually, through freedom. And so, one may survive the ordeal and become strong, and focused enough, to bravely move beyond coming full circle so as to share the fruits of the quest.  At the end of one's initiatic suffering, inner freedom becomes a badge of honor worth earning, rather than the certificate or diamond-encrusted watch one may earn from climbing the artificial mountain of external success. 

Institutional degrees

1999 - 2004 Bachelor's of Arts (psychology/philosophy - York University)

2005 - 2007 Mandarin language instruction (Suzhou, China)

2007 - 2009 Master's of Arts (humanities, literature - York University)

2012 - 2013 Bachelor's of Education (concurrent program - Queen's University)

2013 - 2017 English and French primary school teacher (Madeleine-de-Roybon école élémentaire publique, Kingston ON)

2020 - 2020 Language Arts High School Teacher (Lax Kw'Alaams Coast Tsimshian Academy)

Healing Experience

soul retrievals (10 or so), IFS work, shadow work, karma work (1 year of sacred medicine journeys), T.R.E., 

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