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Relations Therapy

We this therapy for all of your relationships, which is how you relate to yourself, others, and the world. Whether this is with a partner, a friend or ally, a child or family member, a colleague or boss, or even how you relate to nature or a corporation, for instance. It's essentially concerning anyone and anything with whom you've encountered conflict that's been left unresolved. We use something called the table technique, and you can view a video of it over here, or read about it here

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First, we get both of your birth dates in order to draw up a relationship chart from your birth charts combined, which is about your journey together, and discovering where you are at exactly. This is the prognosticative aspect of the therapy.

We also will use the Healy (coaching angle) in order to be able to discern if there are deeper issues at hand. 


From here we survey the challenges. Moving forward, we can understand what healing

is required. 

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We use various tools to help with the therapy. At any point, we may use these to move healing along:

- smudging

- crystals

- oracle cards (Charles Spezzano)

The oracle decks that we may use are ones called The Love Deck, The Healing Deck, and The Enlightenment Deck. All three have both positive and negative aspects of the personality to honor and integrate, or those challenges to work through on our own or with others.

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These are some of the techniques we will use in the therapy:

- open sacred space

- table technique

- open Akashic Records

- Reiki

- mantras

- shamanic healing and journeying

We use various healing modalities to move stuck energy, whether in individuals or as a couple. 

In our sessions, we will use a format that is designed to break the impasse. We call it the table technique, and by the end, instead of sitting across from each other, you will be sitting beside each other, and either embracing or shaking hands. 

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