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Relationship Counselling

We provide various services for your relationship. Essentially, if you come to us, you're stuck somewhere, and a solution is required. 

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The first order of the day is to get both of your birth dates in order to draw up a relationship chart. This is the prognosticative aspect of the therapy.


From here, we can survey the challenges, and moving forward, understand what healing needs to occur. 

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Akashic Records

In sacred space, we open the records and connect to Spirit. From here, wisdom and solutions flow through to break apart the impasse. 

We use a protocol to get down to the kernel of the problem. We will ask a few questions, and from there, open up to healing. 

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We use various healing modalities to move stuck energy, whether in individuals or as a couple. We may use crystal, shamanic, or Reiki energies, to name a few.

In our sessions, we will use a format that is designed to break the impasse. We call it the table technique, and by the end, instead of sitting across from each other, you will be sitting beside each other, and either embracing or shaking hands. 

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