We offer several kinds of options, such as healings, coaching options, sacred medicine education, courses, events and meetups, as well as a Reiki clinic.

Our little child, Jade, is finally old enough to crawl and requires a bit less of our attention. This has been a period of incubation for us, and we wish to offer whatever is needed to bring a bit more love and light in this world of darkness, disease, and separation. 

If the cost of a healing is an issue for you, please get in contact with us. For Patrick in particular, he has received a kind of green light from Spirit to offer healings free of charge (or by ayni exchange, whichever feels good for you). He is available Mondays to Fridays for sessions and can be booked through the bookings section, as is Samantha, via ayni donation, which means energetic exchange.  

May your journey of healing and growth be imbued with oodles of love, wisdom, and power, and blessings from Great Spirit.