Payment (or ayni exchange)

An ayni exchange is an energetic exchange. On average, in the past, Samantha charged $90 for a 60 minute session, and for a 90 minute session, $120. And yet, we seek to work on the principle of ayni. What we are offered is always fine with us when it comes to healing because so much has been given us by Spirit in this regard.  

Ayni expresses itself as one gives what one receives, whether before or after, in the spirit of abundance to self and others. In the healing world, a healing can be free and the energy returned later, or it can be an exchange of services, or, it may be a sacred offering, like with sweetgrass or tobacco or even a gift, to say nothing of exchaning currency like money, (which is derived from the word current). 

And so, ayni is energetic reciprocity. According to Joan Parisi Wilcox, author of Masters of the Living Energy: The Mystical World of the Q'ero of Peru, ayni is defined as the following:

"Ayni is the seminal operating principle of behavior and of being in the Andes. In the social structure, ayni expresses itself as a system of communal, shared labor, where for example, farmers help work each other's fields. Ayni also is a guiding moral principle, similar to the Christian concept Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."