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Maitrī Mentoring

Maitrī mentoring is based on the initiatic endeavour to gain and blend both your spiritual crown of healing (the sacred feminine, the Jesus archetype, the thorny part of your life) with your crown of light (the sacred masculine, the Lucifer archetype, the gift part of your life). When blended through experience and alchemy, a new esoteric crown arises for an individual. 

One of the virtues that will arise for you through healing work is maitrī, a Sanskrit word meaning loving-kindness, which is unconditional acceptance of whoever and whatever triggers you into reactivity. It is not paying lip-service to it, but embodying it naturally after making space for it within you. 

The following video explains my healing journey so far:


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Astrotherapy is a diagnostic tool that allows someone to intimately unearth their blind spots, according to their natal chart.


We can then prognostically set up therapies and healings as required and logically sketch out a timeframe for full spiritual recovery. 

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Akashic Records

Whenever we sit together, we will be in the Akashic Records. This way, there is no room for error, since we'll be in sacred space. 

We'll be using "supraego" approaches that allow us to circumvent the thinking, lower mind and, in the sanctity of sacred space, allow healing to occur.

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Sometimes, we will be guided to undergo healing sessions to move energy along. I may use our energy clearing protocol along the way.

Our healing offerings are on this website and can be requested as needed. 

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