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Release, Restore, Return

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We use therapies that help restore our four body systems (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) for deep-seated healing and newfound awareness. Various spiritual tools are used, such as a natal chart or chompi stones, before setting out with a prognostic approach for healing our weaknesses into strengths. 

True healing alchemizes all wounding as we let go of any systemic toxicity we may have picked up in this lifetime (or previous ones). To embody spiritual fullness, we must unlearn and process everything. This entails releasing phenomena like trauma or negative beliefs, repurposing ego and shadow parts, removing blockages around the heart, retrieving soul parts, etc.


The goal is to thrive rather than merely survive, as we seek to evolve from fragmentation to physical and spiritual wholeness.  

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu 


Maitrī mentoring is based on the idea that on the path of facing all of.your inner darkness and dramas, a person can become more and more unconditionally accepting and loving. As we move through the medicine wheel, we develop virtues like meaningfulness, modesty, mettle, and mending. With this approach, many supra-ego techniques and healing modalities are used to tackle "problems" from every angle. In the end, the goal is to heal and process all conditioning so that no more suffering occurs. Hence, it is freedom in the deepest sense, and it leaves one present with what is. Blessings on your healing journey.    

Karuna compassing is a healing approach with the end being full-spectrum healing. "Compassing" came to Samantha as a term to help people in their full-circle journey through healing with the medicine wheel. Starting in the north and moving clockwise, we work with the virtues of compassion, commitment, courage, and care. This also echoes the cabalistic journey (to know, to will, to dare, and to rest). As for compassion, it does not necessarily imply "to suffer with", but rather, comes closer to the ideal of "karuna", considered one of the four immeasurables in Hinduism and Buddhism. Its chief aim is to relieve one of any and all suffering. Blessings on your healing journey. 


We use several healing modalities to address all kinds of situations, from the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical realms. We offer soul alignments sessions done in the Akashic records, shamanic journeying, energy healings, mentoring and counselling, as well as a personally catered cacao ceremony. Blessings on your journey. 

We offer some courses and programs online and in person, such as the following:

- Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki (levels I, II, and master)

- Usui/Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki

Please contact us at for availability. 


Patrick and Samantha 
2-73 Canora St, Winnipeg, MB

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