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Release, Restore, Return

Green Agate
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We use therapies that help restore and rejuvenate our four body systems (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual) in the name of deep-seated healing and newfound awareness. Various spiritual tools are used, such as a natal chart for a diagnostic tool, before setting out with a prognostic healing approach. 

With a natal chart handy, we can pick and choose how to go about healing our weaknesses into strengths. 

True healing alchemizes all wounding as we let go of any systemic toxicity we may have picked up in this lifetime (or previous ones). To embody spiritual fullness, we must unlearn everything, as Anthony de Mello once put it, and this entails releasing phenomena like trauma or negative beliefs, repurposing ego and shadow parts, removing blockages around the heart, or retrieving soul parts, among other things. The goal is to thrive rather than simply survive in this pathological system, as we seek to evolve from fragmentation to self-actualization.  

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu 


We use several healing modalities to address all kinds of situations, from the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical realms, such as offering soul alignments sessions done in the Akashic records, shamanic journeying, energy healings, a vaccine injury protocol, soul coaching, as well as a personally catered cacao ceremony. See you there. 

We offer some courses and programs online and in person, such as the following:

- Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki (levels I, II, and master),

- Chakras: The Journey Within,
- Qiga: Egyptian gigong and yoga,
- Spiritual Hygiene: Staying clean in dirty times,


We hold several meetups, some weekly and some monthly, such as a men's group (with talking stick), a women's prayer and share, a monthly open house (where we share our home with you, offer a meal, and perhaps pull oracle cards), a meetup for dyads, as well as a sacred medicines monthly meetup. Please check our calendar for future events, as well as links to and eventbrite when needed. 

We offer a weekly Reiki clinic on Wednesdays, starting at 11am, and ending at 7pm in the evening. Please contact us personally at, or at 204-230-5376, to book your appointment. By donation. 



Patrick and Samantha 
35 Home St, Winnipeg, Mb

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