Vaccine Injury Protocol

This energy healing helps correct and rebalance mRNA vaccine injuries.

  • 1 hour
  • By ayni reciprocity
  • Divine Light Therapies

Service Description

A vaccine injury protocol came to Patrick via Spirit in the winter of 2020. In a meditation, he was guided to use certain spiritual tools, shamanic techniques, as well as energetic invocations and mantras to counter-balance the sometimes harmful medicine known as an mRNA vaccine. Incidentally, in the Q'ero shamanic tradition, harmful energy (and its usage in black magic) is known as hucha, and light energy (and its use in white magic) is known as sami. One who stands shamanically between the upper and lower worlds (in the middle world) seeks to transmute density into light, and thus be an energetic bridge. This is the approach used here, and it is not to judge anything as either good nor bad, since resistance is always needed for growth. As far as we are concerned, in the name of transmutation, any difficulty is welcome in the name of growth, so long as we are not willfully harming ourselves, but only naively. Please do not book a session if you have not done your research and only wish to argue the use of vaccines. I neither support nor fight against the use of vaccines, but if I were called to choose, I would choose a more natural path, as all the spiritual traditions around the world have suggested to me over the years (with regards to foregoing evil) and not trusting this system). We are simply offering a healing protocol to counteract vaccine injuries, as seen all around the world and reported on various websites, like VAERS, which is the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System. In these strange times of ours, many of us are having to make a choice, and the polarities are evidently set. Perhaps this video will help explain this more clearly on a spiritual level.

Cancellation Policy

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