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Maitrī Mentoring

We'll be using astrotherapy, the Akashic Records, and various supraego and healing therapies.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 150 Canadian dollars
  • Divine Light Therapies

Service Description

Maitrī mentoring is multi-faceted. From a natal chart, we first proceed through a questionnaire with respect to your lifetime's blindspots. From there, we'll open up with an Akashic Records session (in the name of being impartial) and use supraego techniques to circumvent the lower self (some in session, some on your own time with spiritual tools I'll share with you). In the space of awareness, alchemy as we know it, or healing, occurs. This kind of mentoring is intended to bridge both the masculine and feminine sides within us, and integrate them fully. This is the "Work" of the run-of-the-mill bodhisattva-in-training. This is done experientially over time, and hence, initiatically. This means that life will bring you what you need to transmute both the lower masculine, as well as the lower feminine. My task will be to guide you along the way, whenever it is needed. Full integration can take a few years. By the end, you will have transmuted elements like the three poisons (as indicated in the Buddha's vision of the Bhavachakra, which is a map for exiting the cycle of rebirth). You will experience spontaneously the four immeasurables, like maitrī, rather than through a prescriptive manifestation of them. Essentially, the aim of Maitrī Mentoring is to alchemize all phenomena of the lower self so that, in the process, an individual may harness their gifts both responsibly and masterfully, and be of service in the world from the stance of the heart, in the name of service (and not gain). It's not necessarily about adding light, but rather becoming aware of the past that lingers within you, which is all of your conditioning, be it in the form of karma, trauma, shadow, maladaptive ego parts, soul fragmentations, false beliefs, etc., some of it from this lifetime, some of it that is ancestral and collective, while some of it being from past lives. Healing allows for more and more room for your light to spread in your life and in the world. Hence, instead of adding light, we are removing darkness so that your natural, God-given life-force can lead the way. And from that freedom, you will shine brightly for all to see. The healing entails this lifetime, as well as previous ones. For more details on this modality, visit our Maitrī Mentoring page.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. Thank you.

Contact Details

  • 35 Home Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada


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